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Navigating the Intuit Ecosystem

You've worked hard to fit in, but you were made to stand out.  

How will you stand out?

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How We  Help

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Sometimes business owners just get stuck.

     Sometimes we need that extra push.

     Sometimes we need an extra set of eyes.

     Sometimes we need fresh ideas.

     Sometimes we need a sounding board.

     Sometimes we need to do things differently.

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b. 1966.  nounˌ roppastronomy

qua·sar     [ˈkwey-ˌzär ˌ -sär -zerˌ -sahrˌ -ser]


     1.  a very bright object that emits an immense amount of energy.

     2. the next stage of galactic evolution.

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Not the Only One Roundtable

Roundtable is the Advisory Board you wish you had.

You are not the only one.

QBO Show

The first chat show about QBO. 

On the air since 2011.


Listen Live!

2nd & 4th Thursdays

2-3 Pacific / 5-6 Eastern





Stand Out.

Get Noticed.

Reach Your Goals.

Richad Roppa, The Quasar Cowboy

Meet Richard Roppa

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He's the founder of Quasar Cowboy Consulting.  Richard and his team consult with and advise software companies and bookkeeping firms in 24 states and four countries.


In the years before founding Quasar Cowboy Consulting, Richard held senior level roles with award-winning Intuit Resellers, Intuit Solution Providers, QuickBase Solution Providers, and partners.  Working with both software providers and business owner consultants provided an insider look at both sides of the Intuit Ecosystem equation.  


Richard is known for his expert knowledge, industry experience, and relentless energy. 



In 2018, Richard became a co-host of the very first and longest continually running online QuickBooks talk show, The QBO Show.  Richard joined founding hosts and industry experts Stacy Kildal and Woody Adams as they interview Industry leaders & App developers while discussing QBO, ProAdvisor news, and other industry "stuff."  




  • Member of Avalara's #AccountingTop100

  • Admin of Business Workflow and Management

  • Member of Intuit Accountant VIP Social Media

  • Member of Intuit Social Media Corp



In addition to Richard's Stuff & Junk & Things Blog, he has been a contributing author to leading accounting blogs and publications including Intuit’s Firm of the Future, CPA Practice AdvisorAccountingWEB, Sleeter Report, and others.


He has presented and been an expert panelist at industry conferences including QuickBooks Connect, Scaling New Heights, SleeterCon, and the Flagg Accounting Show.



Richard has accepted numerous awards on behalf of himself, the firms he has worked with, and the teams that he led to sales success.

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