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3 Ways to Find Your Inner Circle

A few members of "Not the Only One Roundtable" in real Life. #QBConnect 2018

When’s the last time you’ve stopped to reflect on your inner circle?

Wait. What’s an inner circle? The people in your life that are your most significant support system, your inspiration, maybe even your “why.” Have you selected who these people are in your life and do you know why you should? By building that strong foundation that is our inner circle, we can conquer much more than we think possible.

In my own business and life, I’ve realized that my inner circle is so much stronger than I once thought. You realize this in moments when things genuinely get tough, when you reach the bottom, and when you ultimately burn out. The people closest to you that see that will step up, and lend a helping hand so that you can stand with them. They will seek you out when you’re silently calling on them.

Your inner circle doesn’t have to be colleagues, but that is a great start! They can also be close friends, family, or local groups. Anyone you can trust that gives you a safe, comfortable space to voice your worries as well as celebrate the big or small wins right along with you.

Our closest friends and colleagues are also great for those all-important Sanity Checks. Ever have an idea, and you’re just not sure if it’s the best thing in the world, or maybe, it flat out stinks? Your circle will tell you!

Without cultivating a support group, you may feel alone and lost when faced with a big problem or a stressful time. I know this because I’ve felt it myself. It goes with the territory of owning and operating a business solo. Trust me when I say, we all need that support.

Here are three ways to cultivate and nurture your inner circle:

1. Recognize the support that’s already there. You may not consider your spouse or your college best friend as part of your inner circle when it comes to your business, but they are! These are the people that have chosen to stick with you through it all. They provide a strong foundation for you and are at the very core of your inner circle.

2. Join a MasterMind or "Not the Only One" Roundtable! Don’t by shy—lots of business owners are steering the ship on their own and are also looking for a support group. By joining a group, you’re welcoming in a group of like-minded people with whom to connect. When your inner circle is smaller, and you'll find that the support and community are more tight-knit.

3. Reach out for help when you need it. Especially during the busy season, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel completely alone. It’s essential that, during this time, we ask for help. Others are busy too, and there’s a chance they may not catch the signs that you’re struggling, so be sure to verbalize your need for support and ask for what you need to thrive!

When I completely burnt out, I had no clue where to go from there. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, ready to give up. At the sight of my exhaustion and frustration, my husband, mom, and best friend all stepped up as my support system, and I’ll never forget that day! They saw how much I needed them and offered to help relieve me of some tasks in my business. What a huge relief that helped me bounce back from that burn out much more quickly than I would have without them.

So, are you ready to cultivate and nurture your inner circle? If you don’t already have one, then it’s time!

If you’d like to join an inner circle for Accountants and Bookkeepers, then reach out to me here to find out all about the Not The Only One Roundtable, a small and very special community of ProAdvisors.

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