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3 Simple Ways to Get Client Documents on Time

Working as an accountant, bookkeeper, or accounting web developer means facing common challenges beyond tax preparations and financial forecasting. More than crunching numbers, one of the biggest difficulties that can put a significant bottleneck on the workflow involves ensuring clients send their documents in a timely manner.

Collecting supporting files to check for compliance and have the relevant information to iron out inconsistencies is critical, but having to chase clients around can eat up precious time, energy, and money. For accounting professionals looking for ways to encourage clients to respond quickly to signature requests, consider the tips below:

Tip #1: Set Clearly-Defined Expectations and Deadlines

Before anything else, it helps to explain to your clients the importance of submitting the necessary documents on time. Setting expectations will help people realize how it impacts the quality of your services, especially when it comes to meeting critical deadlines.

Providing a schedule and examples of different delivery methods for the documents can do wonders for reducing delays on the client’s part, allowing you to move forward with your end of the bargain.

Tip #2: Automate Menial Documents to Improve Your Efficiency

Managing day-to-day documents is an arduous task, but modern software solutions make it possible to save time and streamline the process. Automation, for example, promotes quick and accurate data sharing without the need to manually source, type, scan, or store transactional documents.

Different departments can integrate the automation software and improve a myriad of menial tasks - from tracking employee time for your payroll solutions to boosting efficiency when typing in inventory entries or sales.

Tip #3: Invest in Cloud-Based Document Exchange Solutions

Not all documents are safe to attach in emails. Clients may worry about sharing sensitive data, but taking the time to meet up with clients to obtain a hard copy can slow down your progress for the day. If you want to avoid bottlenecks, it helps to integrate cloud-based document exchange solutions to boost the level of security when sharing data. An example of this is Financial Cents

This can give your clients peace of mind knowing that they can send over critical documents without the risk of cyber threats. It also shapes the customer experience, allowing you to provide a platform that is easy-to-use and mobile-friendly.

The Bottom Line: Boosting the Efficiency and Productivity of Your Accounts Receivable Process

Analyzing a client’s financial data is a critical function for different accountants, bookkeepers, and developers. While getting clients on board with your schedule can be tough, the tips above should ensure all documents can be submitted on a timely basis so you can get the job done right without a hitch.

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