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Post-Tax Season: How to Keep Your Clients Engaged—A Guide

Tax season is always brimming with business. This time of year runs like clockwork, with clients’ needs being serviced left and right, processes being followed to a T, and the ultimate tax deadline serving as the homing beacon for the firm’s goal this tax season.

Postdeadline, however, there is a need to keep clients engaged. The months following the tax deadline can feel a bit dead, and the firm can appear to lose its value to clients outside of the busiest time of year. Given this seeming “dead time,” how can one sustain their relevancy and visibility post-tax season?

Looking at what worked and what didn’t during tax season can help strengthen an accounting firm’s marketing strategies to face the year ahead. By engaging your current client base all year round, you’ll also gain a competitive advantage for the future.

Here’s how you can increase engagement with your clients during the lull of the post-tax season:

1. Ask for your clients’ feedback

Reaching out to your clients for feedback is the simplest yet most effective way to gain a concrete understanding of what the firm could be doing better. After all, exceeding your clients’ expectations can only be done once you understand what they are!

You could ask your clients simply what they liked and didn’t like about your service via an anonymous survey or several phone calls. The key here is to keep it simple so that you can obtain as much feedback from your clients as possible. These clients will also feel valued, which is vital for loyalty and potential referrals for your firm.

Make sure to do it immediately after tax season wraps up so that your impression as a service provider is still fresh in the clients’ minds.

2. Keep clients informed and updated

One of the easiest ways to maintain visibility with clients is to keep them in the loop. They should be privy not only to your weekly newsletter but to any issues or developments that may impact their business.

This is the perfect opportunity to present them with consultative services, especially where your firm’s recommendations are involved in the discussion. If you set this expectation early on, your clients will understand their investment value in your firm.

3. Invite your clients to events

When events such as seminars, lunches, or open houses happen at your firm, be sure to invite clients to attend too. Getting to know your clients personally is a step in the right direction for building better relationships, and these events—particularly the informal ones—are excellent opportunities to do so.

4. Be proactive with strategizing

There’s a window of opportunity right after tax season that every firm should seize to strategize with their clients. Doing so proactively will allow you to present what you can offer, thereby increasing your value to them. You can propose quarterly, bi-annual, or annual strategy sessions and tackle specific issues like tax strategies and buy and sell agreements.

Don’t forget to charge accordingly!

5. Take advantage of technology and social media

Having the right kind of accounting solutions can set your firm apart when offering your services against other accounting firms. It builds your credibility with your client base and gives you time to focus on building your marketing strategy—especially in the digital sphere.

One such strategy is the use of social media. By getting the firm on this platform, you increase visibility and reach immediately. If you aren’t engaging with clients where they are most present (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), then you’re no longer top of mind!


Tax season may be over, but that doesn’t mean your firm has to shrink back into dormancy until the next one comes around. By taking note of these five steps, you can reassert your relevance to your existing clients and potential customers. Making yourself a crucial part of their business decisions shows them they are valuable to you, after all! If you consistently demonstrate this level of prioritization and care, then you will continuously be at the top of their mind—which assures that they keep patronizing your firm!

Accounting professionals should have a reliable bookkeeping system and qualified accountant advisors to ensure excellence at all times. Here at Quasar Cowboy consulting, we advise bookkeeping firms and software companies in 24 states and four countries. If your business is in need of a bookkeeping consultant, get in touch with us today!

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