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Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Desktop is Stellar!

Tax time! Many of you know the all too familiar drill of a client waiting until the last second to get you some last bit of information before you can close out their file and start their taxes. And now that you have their final bits of info, the unexpected happens.

The file appears to be corrupt. Just like that.


Earlier this month, a client came to me with a plea for help. Even though she was a full-blown cloud accountant, she had this one client who was still using QuickBooks Desktop and after hours of compiling data so she could close out her customer for the year, her desktop file would not open.

She troubleshot for about an hour, gave in, and called Intuit support. They had always been helpful in the past, and she suspected this would be no different. Support was extremely helpful, but the file **was* corrupt, and she was told to send in the file, and they would get back to her as quickly as possible. It could be a few days.

Before she sent the file though, she looked to “The Googler” and did a quick search for a QuickBooks file repair tool. BINGO! There it was - Stellar Repair for QuickBooks. After counting to ten, and after reading the reviews, she decided to give it a try. If it worked, she would meet her client deadline and be a hero. She immediately downloaded and installed Stellar Repair.

She has been raving to me ever since about how easy it was. All the software needed was to have the file uploaded recovery tasks were performed pretty much on autopilot. The home screen just needed her to locate and upload the file. Once uploaded, she clicked scan, and sat back while the software did its thing.

Once the scanning was complete, onscreen instruction gave her a preview of the newly scanned file where she was able to see all the major components of the file including company, customers, vendors, and employees. She was able to verify that the data was intact for each category before saving the newly repaired file. It created a new .QBW, the she did re-entry of the company info and a few other details, and then on to data verification.

In just a few minutes, the file was repaired with little down time and little fuss. Stellar Repair did what is said it would do - it FIXED the file and saved a bookkeeper loads of time by not having to wait for support to rebuild the file...


This was music to my ears. Many of you know that I am an app addict and usually those apps are cloud based apps, but when I hear about great software, regardless of platform, I like to pass the word along. Especially when the software works without a fuss.


QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise compatible

2007 – 2019 version supported as this is written

Multiple currency and country support, including Canada!

Tech support is included 24/5

30-day money back guarantee

Stellar Repair specializes in data recovery tools and they have a lot of them! Mac, Exchange, iPhone, Outlook, SQL, Linux, and a whole bunch more.


No one likes a corrupt data file, but they do happen from time to time. I have personally sent several files to Intuit over the years when corruption occurred, and they have always helped with great success. If you are like me though, instant gratification is the name of the game. If corruption has hit you, you can keep it in your control and save yourself a lot of time.



Richard Roppa is the founder of Quasar Cowboy Consulting, where he helps accounting firms and their clients with technology, workflow, engagement process, sales, marketing, and long-term planning.

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